Editorial Policy

India Law Journal (ILJ) aims to focus on legal issues currently being debated in India as well as those being debated international with specific reference to India. In order for this objective to be fulfilled, ILJ welcome submission of original articles, and book reviews on the aforesaid lines. Additionally, ILJ may also solicit contributions. Please refer to the Instructions for Authors section below before submitting an article.

ILJ invites authors to submit manuscripts under following heads:

  • Section I: Article: An article is a thorough analysis of current legal issues currently being debated in India or abroad that could have an impact on India. The word limit for articles is between 2,000 to 4500 words excluding footnotes for being considered for publication in the Journal.
  • Section II: Book Reviews: A book review should focus on either an autobiography authored by a lawyer which could inspire aspirants and practitioners in the legal field or focuses on a practical issue that is important to know in the legal profession. For instance, a book review on a book that deals with how to bill clients or how to understand a judge's mind etc. The word limit for book review is between 1,000 to 2,500 words for being considered for publication in the Journal.


India Law Journal will procure contributions for journal in form of Articles, or Book Reviews in following ways:

  • Invitation based: ILJ would seek to invite contributions from eminent legal luminaries, academicians, practitioners, students and scholars on a prior notified topic.
  • Rolling Submissions: ILJ accepts rolling submissions for its forthcoming issues as per the following guidelines.


  • 1. All articles/book reviews submitted should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 12, line spacing 1.5'; justified.
  • 2. Footnotes cited in the manuscript should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 10, line spacing 1'; justified.
  • 3. Citations should be in the form of footnotes as per the Standard Legal Indian Citation as available on www.silcmanual.org.
  • 4. The articles/book reviews should be submitted online in a MS Word format document to info@indialawjournal.org.


The articles/book reviews submitted for publication in India Law Journal should be an original work of the author and should have not been published previously or currently is submitted for publication in any electronic or print media. The author will be responsible for the accuracy of statement of facts, opinions or views stated in the submitted manuscript. In case of any plagiarism found in the contents of submitted manuscript, the manuscript will be rejected. The final discretion as to the acceptance of the manuscripts rests with the Board of Editors of India Law Journal.


There may be a peer review of each article submitted to the Board of Editors for publications by eminent scholars in the field of law on which the article/book review is focusing as part of the selection process for publication in the forthcoming issue. However, the same is subject to the discretion of ILJ.


The manuscripts published by the India Law Journal are the Intellectual Property of the Journal. However, for non-commercial purposes the use of published material is not prohibited. Proper intimation and permission of the Board of Editors is required.


The views expressed in the articles, comments and all other contributions in any other form to the India Law Journal are those of the individual authors and not necessarily of the Board of Editors of India Law Journal. The contributors by submitting any contribution towards India Law Journal agree to indemnify India Law Journal from and against all claims, suits, and damages based on any claim of copyright infringement or plagiarism or unauthorized use.

For further clarification, you may kindly send ILJ an email at info@indialawjournal.org.