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Impact of GST on Infrastructure

“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.” - Anonymous


A no-pregnancy clause (‘NPC’), i.e. a clause forbidding pregnancy, is generally found in employment contracts, and provides that a breach of the clause would lead to termination of employment. While facially gender neutral, these clauses obviously kick-in only for females. This article aims to identify whether such clauses in film contracts will withstand legal scrutiny in India writes Ayushi Singhal.

Transparency the need of the hour!

Vikrant Pachnanda comments on transparency being the need of the hour as far as constitution of benches and allocation of cases in the Supreme Court is concerned.

The Sarai Act of 1867 – Time to let go

Alabh Anant Lal writes on The Sarai Act of 1867 and analyses its relevancy.

Interview of the Month

Prof. Stephan Hobe

India Law Journal’s Managing Editor Vikrant Pachnanda spoke with Prof. Stephan Hobe about the law revolving around subsidies in the aviation sector that is prevalent in the European Union.

Ques: Can the subsidies be deemed valid if there is no direct effect on the prices of the tickets due to the subsidies?
Ans: Under European Union (EU) law, subsidies are handled...

Book Review

Technology Laws Decoded by N. S. Nappinai

Reviewed by:
Anirveda Sharma reviews the 1st edition of this book on Technology and Cyber laws in India.

As the world woke up to the recent WannaCry ransomware attack on computers across the globe, the fault lines in our cyber architecture became evident to citizens across the world. In such times when technology as an insatiable and infinite force has permeated into every aspect of human life there is a growing need to evolve our legal system to meet the needs of this dynamic new interface. With this surrealistic merging of our real world with its virtual counterpart; the fabric of our realities...