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Vol 1, Issue II, April - June 2008
Opening Address
Legal Wraps: (to be updated every two weeks)
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Global M&As cross the $1Tn mark in ‘08
Global law firms looking for informal tie-ups
Supreme Court rules out video-recording of court proceedings
Bisleri and Coke locked over IPR dispute on soft drink ‘Maaza’
Interview of the Month:

This month, India Law Journal spoke to Mr. Lalit Bhasin, Managing Partner, Bhasin & Co. and President of the Society of Indian Law Firms and discussed with him his views on various topical issues which are being debated about in the legal services sector in India.

Legal Articles:
The Genesis and Evolution of the Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956 by Mr. K.K.Lahiri, Advocate
Testing Social Endurance: Unreserved Thoughts on Reservation in Institutions of Higher Education by Mr. Sumantra Sinha, Student, NLIU, Bhopal
Domain Names and Cybersquatting by Mr. Ashwin Madhavan, Student, GNLU, Gandhinagar
Revision of the Companies Act, 1956 by Mr. Vikramaditya Singh Malik, Student, NALSAR, Hyderabad
University Review of the Month:
Historical Trials:
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