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National University of Singapore Faculty of Law

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Law was established in 1956. Over the past 52 years, the Faculty has made a name for itself as a law school of distinction, attracting the best students from Singapore and around the region. Its distinguished alumni include Tommy Koh ’61 (Singapore Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Chan Sek Keong ’61 (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Singapore), S Jayakumar ’63 (Singapore Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security & Minister for Law), Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamad ’69 (Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Malaysia), many eminent judges, Members of Parliament, diplomats, professors and law practitioners.

Today, the Faculty of Law is widely regarded as Asia’s leading law school and one of the most globally-oriented law schools internationally. The NUS Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree entitles its holders to be admitted as lawyers to a variety of jurisdictions around the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America (e.g. New York and California). NUS law graduates today can be found practising in top law firms in New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and making an impact in government agencies, international organisations, multi-national corporations, academia, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and arts and media groups.

Programs offered for international students

Undergraduate Programmes


Present-day students have a wealth of opportunities at the Faculty of Law. The Faculty, together with the New York University (NYU) School of Law, has recently launched a highly distinctive and innovative concurrent law degree programme. In what is likely to be a world-first, students will be able to obtain both an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree from NUS and a Master of Laws degree from NYU in just four years. The programme is yet another feature of the Faculty of Law’s diverse array of degree options for its undergraduates. The curriculum and programmes are regularly reviewed to prepare students for the globalisation of legal services.

The following undergraduate programmes are offered by NUS.

1. Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Degree - LL.B.

2. Graduate LL.B. Programme (GLP)

3. Double Degree Programmes

Business Administration and Law


Economics and Law

Law and Life Sciences

Law and Public Policy

Programmes with New York University (NYU) School of Law

1. Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Master of Laws

2. Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Juris Doctor

Graduate Programmes


Law graduates who want to broaden their legal education can opt for our general coursework Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme or focus on a particular area of law through specialist LL.M. degrees as well as research-intensive LL.M. and Ph.D. programmes. The Faculty of Law currently offers six specialist LL.M. degrees:

1. LLM (Asian Legal Studies)

This is an innovative programme which allows students to study in depth the laws, legal systems, institutions and legal traditions of South, Southeast and East Asia and also affords the opportunity for students’ to focus on particular areas of law (e.g. commercial law, international law .etc.).

2. LLM (Corporate & Financial Services Law)

This programme includes courses in domestic and international banking, company law and corporate finance, financial services and securities, and taxation.

3. LLM (Intellectual & Property Law)

This programme focuses on the issues raised by the rapid advancement of science and technology. The courses offered include courses on copyrights, patents, designs, trademarks and confidential information as well as courses like biomedical law, telecommunications law and internet law.

4. LLM (International & Comparative Law)

This programme offers a good mix of public and private international law and comparative law courses. It also includes courses like international human rights law and international environmental law.

5. LLM (International Business Law)

The NUS Faculty of Law and the East China University of Politics have jointly launched this programme which was launched in Shanghai, China and is taught in English, being NUS’s first overseas programme.

6. LLM (Maritime Law)

This specialization course enables law students to obtain knowledge in maritime law and students pursuing this course are also taught subjets relating to legal matters in commercial shipping law, marine insurance, shipping regulation and ocean policy.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Tution fees
The Tution fees of the graduate programmes at NUS for one year range from USD 2826 to USD 3540 and the living expenses costs about USD 5902.

NUS offers the following scholarships for graduate students on the basis of academic merit.

1. NUS Graduate Scholarship for ASEAN Nationals

2. Faculty Graduate Scholarship

3. Mirandah Scholorship

NUS also offers loans which are awarded on the basis of financial circumstances.

The Faculty, together with the New York University (NYU) School of Law, also offers a Dual Law Degree Programme - NYU@NUS, where students are based in Singapore and earn an LL.M. in Law and the Global Economy from NYU and an LL.M. from NUS. Its LL.M. graduates hail from more than 50 countries across the globe and have gone on to practise in international law firms or to teach in leading academic institutions across the Asian region and around the world.

Some thoughts from the Dean

Our Founder and Associate Director, Mr. Vikrant Pachnanda communicated with Prof. Tan Cheng Han, Dean, Faculty of Law who said that the globalisation of legal practice is a reality and the NUS Faculty of Law is positioning itself to become Asia’s Global Law School. Graduates of the Faculty will have an understanding not only of the common law, but of approaches taken by other legal systems. This will enable them to advise more effectively on complex transactions that involve different jurisdictions. At the same time, an effective legally trained person must understand that law is influenced by other forces within society and in turn exercises an influence over how societies develop and evolve. The study of law must therefore be informed by insights from other disciplines. Accordingly, many law subjects are taught in an inter-disciplinary way and law students at NUS also have many opportunities to broaden their education through a wide range of modules offered by the other schools within NUS.

Views of the Vice-Dean

Mr. Pachnanda also communicated with Associate Prof. Alan Tan Khee Jim, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Law who said that The National University of Singapore Faculty of Law (NUS Law) [http://law.nus.edu.sg] is the premier law school in Singapore, tracing its history to the founding of the Department of Law at the University of Malaya in Singapore in 1956. NUS Law recently celeberated its 50th anniversary, and has in the past half-century produced a vast array of prominent alumni occupying top positions in the judiciary, government, diplomacy, academia and the legal profession. Distinguished alumni include the Chief Justices of both Singapore and Malaysia. As Asia's Global Law School, NUS Law continues to be at the forefront of the globalization of legal education and research. Recent innovations include the NYU@NUS double LLM degree programme with New York University, the establishment of the Asian Law Institute and the Asian Society of International Law, and a comprehensive LLM programme which continues to draw a substantial number of top students from India, China, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. The Faculty of Law moved back in 2006 to NUS's original campus at Bukit Timah, and continues to be an integral part of NUS which in 2007 was ranked as one of the top 40 universities in the world.

Reflections by Alumni and Students

"I had the most enriching and enlightening time of my life at the NUS Faculty of Law. I had the luxury of pursuing my interest in law alongside many other similar-minded friends from all over the world and with the guidance of excellent professors who shared our passion and enthusiasm in the development of the law in Singapore and beyond." - Foo Yuet Min (Ms), Class of 2006

My experience at NUS Law School as an exchange student was most definitely a very positive and enriching one. Not only did it allow me to be part of an eclectic group of students and professors, it also served as a gateway to both the Asian cultures and legal systems, which I believe constitute strong assets for any kind of international professional practice.” - Marc Alexandre Tremblay, Academic Year 2006/2007, Exchange student from Mcgill University, Canada

At NUS Law School, I’m immersed in a vibrant educational environment with internationally renowned professors, top students, innovative curriculum and an exciting Student Exchange Programme with more than 40 partner-universities around the world. Here at NUS Law, there's never a dull moment!”    -  Dennis Tan Jit Han, Year 2 (2007/2008)

"NUS provides ample opportunities for the holistic development its students. I believe that the various modules as well as electives offered at NUS were very important for me do away with my scepticism about being an apt science student. It offers a great deal of variations in the courses with only a certain number of pre-allocated and compulsory modules. The freedom to choose the other modules makes the learning process not only more interesting but also more fulfilling."- Anurag Garg, class of 2011

I will remember my time at NUS as the most enriching 4 years of my life where I got the privilege of being taught by the authors of internationally acclaimed textbooks, met people from all walks of life and learned so much from their experiences, an institution situated in the heart of Asia which provides a multitude of promising possibilities. It's a place not only for lawyers-to-be, but for intellectually inclined folks who love to learn and live in an invigorating environment.”                 - Itishree Tyagi, class of 2009

Enquiries on undergraduate LL.B programmes

Tel: (65) 6516 7049 Fax: (65) 6779 0979
Email: lawadmissions@nus.edu.sg
Website: www.law.nus.edu.sg/prospective/llb.htm
Frequently-Asked Questions: www.law.nus.edu.sg/prospective/admfaqs.htm

Enquiries on law graduate programmes

Graduate Division
Tel: (65) 6516 3630 Fax: (65) 6779 0979
Email: lawgrad@nus.edu.sg   
Website: www.law.nus.edu.sg/prospective/postgraduate.htm

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